Clear Spa Foam (from $48)

Our signature clear spa foam treatment includes a head massage and our spa foam which enriches the scalp and cleanses the hair of all damaging free radicals and product buildup for a healthy scalp. 

Quick Repair (from $58)

Our repair service restores balance to chemically dulled hair.

Moist & Shine (from $68)

Restore dry and dull hair to healthy, full locks

Right Look Cleansing (from $138)

Treatment includes a deep cleanse of the hair, detoxifies scalp and improves blood circulation and overall hair texture. 

Right Look Strengthening (from $118)

Treatment includes a scalp detox and strengthening treatment for previously weakened or fine hair prone to breakage. 

Right Look Holistic Spa (from $188)

Includes your favorite hair treatments and head and neck massages. 

Right Look Rejuvenate Spa (from $208)

Includes your favorite hair treatments and head, neck and hand massages. 

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